Thriving in the Shadow of Giants: How to Find Success as an Independent Retailer (Good News About Retailing, Book 1)


A long-time sales trainer and champion of independent retailers, Eddy Kay offers struggling store owners proven advice and inspiration for succeeding alongside superstores and online retailers. With plenty of (often humorous) examples from his days on the sales floor, he shares easily implemented business strategies that will have you differentiating yourself from the big guys rather than competing with them.


By Eddy Kay
ISBN-10: 0970782500
ISBN-13: 978-0970782502
136 pages, Index
Trade paperback

This wake-up call for small-business owners argues that superstores and online retailers do not sound the death knell for independents. Rather, such giants represent an unprecedented opportunity for the little guys to shine – provided they return to their roots and start acting like the “specialists” they truly are.

A sales trainer and consultant with a loyal following in the consumer electronics and music industries where he began, author Eddy Kay begins with a look at retail’s development from “Mom and Pops” to the first supermarkets, from early department stores to the online consumer.

He then explores where independent retailing is today. By interviewing business owners, managers, and salespeople in their own settings, he is able to identify for his readers the common themes behind their success. Each chapter concludes with a profile of a successful specialist who puts into action the savvy business practices just discussed. The stores profiled range from Tucson, Arizona’s well-known Clues Unlimited mystery bookstore and Allied Model Trains in Los Angeles to The Fret House, Covina Valley Schwinn, and Logan’s Hardware in Covina, California’s indie store hub (as well as retailers in the appliance, computer, car audio, tire, and jewelry markets).


Eddy has a phenomenal reputation for giving retailers the training they need to earn customers’ trust and thereby succeed in a competitive marketplace. His unique experience, wit, insights, and proven training program have made a difference for hundreds of store owners.
– Gary Shapiro, President & CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

Eddy Kay delivers a critical message that all specialty retailers need to hear if they want to succeed!
– Randy Beck, NAMM – International Music Products Association

Eddy Kay is a master at delivering humor and information at the same time with awesome results! Retailers have relied for years on Eddy’s incredible wit and presentation to motivate and educate their employees.
– Randy Strunk, President, Creative Sales & Marketing