Take Charge! A Manager’s Guide to Specialty Retailing (Good News About Retailing, Book 2)


Differentiate your store from the superstore competition – don’t compete with them! Eddy Kay’s second book in the Good News About Retailing series teaches those on the retail front line, the specialty store managers, how to thrive in the shadow of the giants by assembling, inspiring, and keeping a winning team. A quick-enough read for a weekend or cross-country plane flight.


By Eddy Kay
ISBN-10: 0970782527
ISBN-13: 978-0970782526
128 pages, Index
Trade paperback

International speaker and retail sales trainer Eddy Kay continues his lessons for success in a superstore environment with his second book in the Good News About Retailing series. Take Charge! A Manager’s Guide to Specialty Retailing teaches independent specialists how to thrive in the shadow of the retail giants by assembling and inspiring a winning team.

Featuring all-new material and humorous anecdotes to support Eddy Kay’s timely, practical advice, Take Charge! includes the series’ trademark Specialist Spotlights – profiles of successful retailers already putting into practice the lessons in this book.

Outdoor sports retailers, a wireless phone expert, children’s booksellers, a music specialist, a custom hardware shop owner… Throughout these pages, you’ll meet independent retailers just like you who are taking charge of their employees, their stores, and their futures. With Eddy Kay’s expert guidance for getting your business in high gear, you’ll soon agree there’s plenty of good news in retailing today!

Includes a recommended reading list and sample employee forms.


Once again, Eddy Kay has a hit…. This book is destined to become the manager’s bible! It is one that I will recommend to all new managers – as well as experienced managers. It has certainly become my personal management handbook.
– Sheila Moore, Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten

A refreshing look at the importance of ‘people power’ in independent retail. Insightful stories from actual store owners make for an easy read, delivering thoughtful strategies for success. Harnessing the ideas in this book is what separates top independents from the ‘big-box’ players in today’s market. Take Charge! offers a short road map to successfully managing your retail staff.
– Jerry Honea, Director and COO, MEGA Group USA/Best Brands Plus