Tube-Sock Tricks, and 101 Other Tips for RVing Success


A veteran of cross-country road trips, Chaucer the Dog shares his secrets for making life on the road as comfortable as possible – with tips and tricks you won’t find in strictly maintenance-related and technical RV guides. From family vacationers to full-time RVers, this pocket-sized guide offers everything you wanted to know about life in an RV, but didn’t know who to ask!


By Chaucer the Dog
Illustrated by John Clarke
ISBN-10: 097078256x
ISBN-13: 978-09707825-64
56 pages
Trade paperback

It’s RVing 101, brought to you by America’s traveling terrier Chaucer the Dog! This pocket-size guide contains everything Chaucer’s family of writers learned during their first three-month RV road trip across the United States – including tips and tricks they wished someone had told them before they hit the road. From smart storage options and keeping your rig clean and tidy, to everything your dog wants you to know about traveling in a house on wheels, Tube-Sock Tricks has the novice RVer covered. And if you’re a veteran RVer, you just might want to tuck a copy in your glove box to give to those campers new to the lifestyle at your next RV campground.