Do you see beauty in a perfectly punctuated sentence? Feel joy at the sound of a grammatically correct phrase? We do.

The members of our experienced editorial team have been dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” for more than 20 years. How can we help you best deliver your message?

  • Proofreading promotional and other materials
  • Drafting business correspondence
  • Writing press releases

Our professional editors and writers can help you proofread your marketing materials, website, and blog… write press releases for the local media…  or copyedit your business plan.

We are the publishers of Eddy Kay’s Good News About Retailing book series and other business titles. We have been published in The Wall Street Journal and the Journal of Commerce, chronicled our travel adventures for Automotive Traveler, and made coffee for the editors of Forbes.

Let us put our editorial expertise to work for you!

Head to the What We Do page for a detailed list of all editorial services we provide.