Chill the Bubbly! We Got Into Publisher’s Weekly!

Thriving in the Shadow of GiantsWe figured it was worth a shot. Sure, the bible of the book industry, Publisher’s Weekly, gets hundreds if not thousands of unsolicited books for review every day of the week. Still, we thought the contrarian and optimistic message of Eddy Kay’s Thriving in the Shadow of Giants just might catch a weary editor’s eye. And it did!

Without the aid of a professional public relations company or any other marketing experts, we put together a pitch highlighting how superstores and online retailers do not sound the death knell for independents. In the 21 January 2002 issue, the Nonfiction Notes editor writes, “Kay offers advice for the frustrated retailer on training salespeople, implementing commission plans, décor and lighting, cost-effective advertising and, most importantly, how to compete with superstores’ low prices.”

So, fellow small-business owners, be your best cheerleader. Someone might hear you!

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