CEA President Gary Shapiro Pens Foreword for Author Eddy Kay

Armarium Press author Eddy Kay at the 2002 Consumer Electronics ShowThanks to retail sales trainer Eddy Kay’s popularity in the consumer electronics industry (in particular, among the independent mobile electronics retailers whose ranks he once belonged to), we were able to secure none other than Gary Shapiro to write the foreword to Kay’s book, Thriving in the Shadow of Giants. The president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association had these good words to say about our first book in the good news about retailing series:

Thriving in the Shadow of Giants takes Eddy’s famous training program one step farther–by serving as a “wake-up” call for business owners who’ve become complacent about moderate success. This book also offers a survival-school course for those prone to complaining they’re being driven out of business by the big guys….

One of Eddy’s broadest audiences each year is at the International Consumer Electronics Show….As both a speaker and motivator, Eddy’s role at this exciting annual event is significant. If small-business owners leave CES re-energized, with new ideas and a healthy attitude, then consumers will buy and the industry succeeds.

So the industry is happy when Eddy and his converts take to the road. Teaching, training, and helping retailers succeed is the protein in his diet. And now that there is a book, we’re all excited. Eddy’s insights memorialized in print not only provide a great read, they will make any reader in retail a better competitor.

At this year’s International CES, which draws more than 120,000 attendees annually, Kay was also invited to sign copies of the book at the official bookstore on site. And take a look at that well-placed poster just behind his head… eBrain indeed!

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