Join Us as New Hampshire Homeschoolers Take to the Stage

The Rindge Area Homeschoolers are performing The Fisherman and His Wife on March 1, 2014.February vacation week in Southern New Hampshire means skiing, day trips to Boston museums, and visits to grandma’s house. For many of the Monadnock region’s homeschoolers though, the public schools’ vacation week means it’s time for the theataaa! Once again, the Rindge Area Homeschoolers (in conjunction with the Rindge Rec Department and sponsored in part by The Armarium Press) contracted with Children’s Stage Adventures to hold a week-long theater program that culminates in a full-scale production of The Fisherman & His Wife.

The cast of home-schooled kids from early elementary through high school will sing, dance, and act their way through CSA’s original retelling of the Grimm’s fairy tale about a fisherman who catches an enchanted fish. Last year’s production of A Sword Called Excaliber (in which The Boy played Villager #3) was our first experience with Children’s Stage Adventures — and their operation is truly impressive.

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The Armarium Press Launches Armarium Editorial Services

Armarium Editorial Services - A Division of The Armarium Press IncDo you see beauty in a perfectly punctuated sentence? Feel joy at the sound of a grammatically correct phrase? We do! From proofreading other companies’ marketing materials to indexing other publishers’ manuscripts, our editorial team has been keeping busy in between The Armarium Press’s own book projects.

So busy, in fact, that we have decided to bring all such outside projects under the direction of a single editorial project manager — and today, we are proud to announce the launch of our Armarium Editorial Services division. If you are a writer, publisher, or business owner who needs a little help “polishing your prose,” we invite you to visit the Armarium Editorial Services website to see how we can help.

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Announcing The Chaucer Gazette Newsletter

If you’re a charter member of Chaucer’s Happy Tails Fan Club (and you special folks know who you are!), the inauChaucer the Dog in His Reporter Hat Illustration by John Clarkegural issue of our newsletter, The Chaucer Gazette: One Hound’s News & Views, has already landed in your in-box. As the famous fox terrier writes in his Warm Woof of Welcome introduction, “You’ll find each issue filled with news of my activities, bookish and otherwise, plus such content as free teaching resources, animal rescue news, dog-friendly travel, et cetera.” Sign up for the Gazette by joining the Happy Tails Fan Club at right.

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Employee Conflict: Do Today’s Workers Know How to Lose Gracefully?

Crew members (workers) engaging in mutiny against their clueless captain (manager), as illustrated by John Clarke for All Hands on Deck

“Conflict in the workplace can be a healthy and positive thing for your company,” Forbes contributor David Roth writes in a recent column. “It means you have a variety of personality types, each with their own way of approaching problems… and even differences in perception of what is a problem and what isn’t.”

Healthy and positive, perhaps. Do most entrepreneurs and owners of start-up companies know how to settle workplace conflicts effectively, though? Do some think it’s easier to just suck it up and let it pass? If you ignore it, will the tension simply fade away? Continue reading

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10 Reasons Senior Dogs Make the Best Road-Trip Companions

The author of Tube-Sock Tricks and 101 Other Tips for RVing Success readies for another road trip.Between the clown hounds (Brontë the yellow lab and her foster friend of mixed lineage) and the more senior fox terriers, including the famous Chaucer, we strike a daily balance between chaos and quiet around the headquarters of Canterbury Tails Books. When it comes to fun away from the office, Brontë in particular is up for a hike, a run, or swim anytime, anywhere, which makes her a great traveling companion for our more active adventures. Yet after many a day trip and cross-country trek with dogs in tow, I’ve come to the conclusion that senior dogs truly make the best road-trip companions! Continue reading

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Announcing Our Third Bark for Books! Campaign

Chaucer Barking by John Clarke Copyright The Armarium PressChaucer will be launching his third Bark for Books! Campaign this Saturday at the May Fair in Rindge, New Hampshire. For every copy of Learning Is Cool… It’s the First Day of School! sold between now and 15 August 2013, The Armarium Press will donate one copy of the book to the young child of a deployed or wounded soldier.

“We came up with the idea several years ago, shortly before Learning Is Cool was released,” says publisher Carmen Madrid. “We’d been corresponding with the Baghdad-based soldier we’d adopted through the Soldiers’ Angels program, and it occurred to us how difficult it must be for kids to start kindergarten or first grade with a beloved parent so far away.”

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Discovering the Tucson Library’s Read-to-a-Dog Program

Read to a Dog program at the Dusenberry River branch of the Tucson Public LibraryWhen visiting Tucson recently, some of The Armarium Press team discovered the Pima County Public Library’s Read-to-a-Dog program. We’ve heard about read-to-a-dog events at indie bookstores elsewhere around the country, but this is the most extensive such program we’ve come across: About a dozen Tucson-area library branches participate weekly. The concept is that children–specifically early readers and those who might be having a little trouble reading at their grade level–find dogs a comfortable, non-judgmental audience.

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Lessons from a Photo Shoot: Fire Safety Tips Your Kids May Not Remember From School

Chaucer With Fire Marshal BrianThanks to Fire Marshal Brian, Chaucer and his team secured some great photos a while back for the prolific terrier’s forthcoming book about careers (Surgeon, Sculptor, Sailor on the Sea… What in the World Do I Want to Be?) We caught up with Fire Marshal Brian recently, and the discussion turned to fire safety lessons for young kids.

It turns out that firefighters face unique challenges when entering a burning home in which there are young children. Why? Kids often conceal themselves, behind doors, in closets, under furniture–forcing their rescuers to spend precious moments in a dangerous game of hide and seek.

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The Power of “Well Done”

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Inspirational words such as these from Winston Churchill can be a beacon in our lesser inspired moments. And, if you’re like me, moments of cloudiness try to creep in to my day’s work, curbing my enthusiasm more often than I care to admit. One way I try to motivate myself is by recalling that most motivational quotes were born of some challenge faced by the “quoter.” The other way is even simpler. Read on.

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“All Things Being Equal…” (But They Shouldn’t Be)

We knew when we published Eddy Kay’s Thriving in the Shadow of Giants: How to Find Success as an Independent Retailer back in 2000 that his message for independent business owners was one with long legs. Twelve years later, Kay’s words are echoed in an article last week by Carmine Gallo at

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From Caterpillar to Chrysalis: Marvin Begins His Transformation

Monarch Caterpillar ChrysalisAt last report, Marvin the monarch caterpillar was devouring milkweed at such a remarkable pace, we were sure he was about to move to the next step: hanging in a “j” shape from the highest point in his enclosure, the posture they strike before molting one final time and forming a chrysalis. Three times in the ensuing days, Marvin crept along the highest twig in his large vase, then gripped the mesh screen that sealed the top with all his tiny feet. Come morning, however, he was back to eating Hobbit style (breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses…).

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